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Construction Equipment Leasing Oakland County MI

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Guide to Oakland County MI Construction Equipment Leasing Options

Oakland County MI Construction Equipment LeasingBusiness owners, project managers and general contractors in the construction industry know that heavy equipment can be quite costly. The benefits and potential financial risks of acquiring new or used equipment should be clearly determined before any decisions are made. And just like any large capital investment, every detail of the transaction must be accounted for and double-checked. When a construction business needs to acquire new or used equipment, everyone involved needs to know what the best options are. That’s because heavy equipment tends to depreciate the more it is used and the older it gets. To save money and preserve credit lines, many construction companies are opting to finance their heavy equipment instead of making a cash purchase or taking out a business loan. Here is a closer look at several types of leases contractors should consider taking advantage of when it comes to Oakland County MI construction equipment financing.

Fair Market Value Lease

One of the most commonly selected equipment leases for businesses is the fair market value (FMV) lease. This type of lease provides several options for business owners at the conclusion of the agreement, such as returning the equipment, renewing the lease or purchasing the equipment for its current fair market value. Construction businesses that choose this type of lease do so when acquiring equipment that tends to quickly depreciate in value. For example, a piece of heavy equipment that is used on a continual basis will help you finish jobs in a timely manner, but its repeated use will result in rapid depreciation and, in some cases, the need for costly repairs. With an FMV lease program, construction businesses can upgrade to a new piece of heavy equipment in an easy and cost effective manner.

Dollar Buyout Lease

Selecting a dollar buyout lease allows lessees the option to purchase the leased equipment for one dollar at the end of the lease’s conclusion. This is a popular choice for lessees who are planning to retain the leased equipment at the conclusion of the agreement. General contractors who plan on keeping heavy equipment for long periods of time (after their lease ends) often choose the dollar buyout lease. Smaller lease payments, compared to making one large purchase, free up working capital and allow construction companies to allocate funds for other important business initiatives.

Wrap Lease

A wrap lease is a common choice for current lessees who wish to lease new equipment. Lessees can consolidate their remaining payments and roll them over to a new lease with additional equipment. Construction business owners often need to acquire new equipment, and this lease option provides an opportunity to simplify the process. For example, if a construction company has an immediate need for a new skid steer, it can be financed with an existing lease to consolidate multiple payments into one regular payment. This is a great option because larger and more robust construction equipment is sometimes needed for highly specialized or involved projects. Additionally, unexpected equipment malfunctions with existing equipment can sometimes occur. source:

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Construction Equipment Leasing Fulton County, GA

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10 Key Benefits of Construction Equipment Leasing or Financing

Construction Equipment Leasing Fulton County, GAGiven growing equipment demand amid ongoing economic uncertainty, many businesses find that construction equipment leasing is a key acquisition strategy. The current market shows equipment financing is as vital and available as ever, enabling businesses to secure the assets they need while achieving their operational and financial objectives. A closer look at 10 key benefits of equipment financing show that there’s no need to wait until the end of the year to acquire equipment.

1. Flexible Financial Solutions. The types of financing solutions equipment finance companies offer – especially leases – are flexible and can be tailored to specific accounting, tax or cash flow needs.

2. Capital preservation. Financing versus spending cash, and particularly the type of financing employed (lease vs. loan), can help mitigate the uncertainty of investing in a capital asset that may not yield the desired return or increase efficiency, cost savings or future sales.

3. Improved Expense Planning. Maintaining cash flow and consistent budgeting is another benefit of equipment financing. Instead of considerable capital outlays resulting in huge budget fluctuations, financing enables even expense planning.

4. Business Cycle Flexibility. Some types of leases allow for seasonal business fluctuations, lower monthly payments while a project is ramping up and revenue is not yet being generated from the equipment, and other specific circumstances.

5.Up-to-Date Technology. Many businesses couldn’t afford to outright buy the equipment they need to be competitive and thrive. With term financing, they are often able to acquire more and better equipment that may have been out of their reach if they only considered buying it.

6. Equipment Expertise. Many equipment finance companies are equipment experts and offer equipment specialties which other sources of finance do not. Equipment financiers have special relationships with manufacturers and distributors, specializing in certain equipment types or industry categories.

7. Managed Obsolescence. The risk of owning obsolete equipment is eliminated if you use lease financing for your acquisition since many agreements allow for easy, fast equipment updates. Most equipment finance companies, in partnership with their vendors, will work with your business to “right size” the equipment.

8. Dependable Asset Management. Asset management is a key benefit of many forms of equipment finance, ensuring equipment in operation isn’t under-utilized or over-utilized. A good asset management program tracks equipment throughout its life cycle from delivery to installation, use, maintenance and finally de-installation and disposition.

9. Equipment Disposal. Most businesses don’t have the resources or knowledge to efficiently manage and sell their old equipment. You may essentially outsource the equipment management function so the financing company can handle its disposal or resale when it’s time to retire the asset.

10. Reduced Risk. Equipment purchases involve risk to the owner, from equipment expertise to capital outlays, from asset management to obsolescence. Financing removes many unnecessary risks allowing you to focus on your business. source:

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