Merchant Cash Advance Macomb County, MI

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Merchant Cash Advance Macomb County

Five Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

Cash flow is king in the world of small and mid-sized businesses. Cash is vital to maintaining inventory, paying suppliers, and growing the business. With the recession putting a damper on credit markets, businesses are looking elsewhere for cash. The new solution: merchant cash advance.

Merchant Cash Advance: the Basics

A merchant cash advance (MCA) offers an alternative source of business funding to entrepreneurs who lack the credit rating or collateral to secure a commercial bank loan. Unlike a loan, merchant cash advance funding is the purchase of a portion of a business future credit card sales at a discount. Businesses benefit from a lump sum paid at the outset of the agreement. In return, the MCA provider buys the right to retrieve a portion of the business credit card sales each month–usually around eight percent of total receipts.

Key Advantages of a Cash Advance

Merchant cash advance funding offers an attractive alternative to business loans. Benefits include:

No Credit or Collateral at Stake

A merchant cash advance is a safe approach to accessing cash. Whereas commercial loans can affect a business credit rating, a merchant cash advance is a sales transaction and therefore stays off the credit report. Merchants who take a cash advance also avoid the risk of losing collateral, a common issue in commercial loan default situations.

Easy Application and Collections Process

Merchant cash advance funding is a painless, straightforward process from start to finish. Commercial lenders evaluate financial statements, tax returns, and business plans. Merchant cash advance providers consider only two simple criteria: monthly credit card returns and length of time in business. Typical minimums are $5000 in monthly credit card sales and nine months in business.

Quick Access to Cash

Because there is so little paperwork to process, merchant cash advances offer a fast turnaround. While commercial loans can take weeks or even months to process, MCA funding is typically available within a week of submitting the application. This instant response can be an important asset if the business needs immediate funding to pay off a creditor or seize an unexpected opportunity.

High Approval Rate

MCAs rely on real business performance rather than credit to evaluate applicants. This pragmatic approach allows any stable business to qualify for an advance. Advance amounts typically depend on the business average monthly revenue in the previous year.

Revenue-Based Collections

“We get paid only when you get paid,” claims a leading MCA provider. The slogan captures one of the most compelling advantages of a merchant cash advance over a commercial loan. While the loan requires a fixed monthly payment, MCA collection amounts fluctuate based on the merchants sales volume. In flush months, the MCA retrieves a higher monthly sum; in lean times, the MCA scales back its share proportionally. This percentage-based collection policy allows the MCA to support the business success rather than draining its funds.

Commercial loans are a valuable source of long-term, low-interest business funding. But when a merchant needs a quick, safe cash infusion, cash advances offer an attractive alternative. Since the MCA provider collects only a percentage of returns, businesses avoid the pain of default during the inevitable sales lulls. Merchant cash advances offer businesses the flexibility to negotiate the ups and downs of todays dynamic economy. source:

If you are in need of a Macomb County merchant cash advance (MCA) please contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 for professional and trusted assistance. Click here to learn more about our Macomb County merchant cash advance programs.

Business Financing Atlanta, GA

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We are your Atlanta, GA Business Financing Experts

Liberty Business Financing is composed of a group of highly experienced and seasoned, certified, Atlanta, GA business financing professionals. With our knowledge and expertise, we can usually find a solution for all your financing needs. Unlike a bank, or local lending institution, which only lend to the most credit-worthy businesses, Liberty Business Financing, with its relationships with national lenders, can usually find you the financing you need. Please call us at (586) 484-7887 for more information.

Business Financing Atlanta GA

Send us your or your client’s credit report for a 24 hour decision on your preapproval

• Loans take 1-2 weeks to fund
• Backend fee only
• 24 hr preapproval

A big difference how we fund higher than others is because we can fund on any bureau. Transunion only, Experian Only, Equifax only etc.

We strategize to get you the highest funding with the least amount of inquiries.

All you need is to send us your credit report to for a 24 hour approval.

Whether you need to get new equipment, finance your accounts receivable, raise working capital, or acquire a company, Liberty can do it all. Please call our expert financing team at (586) 484-7887 for more info today! You can also click here to learn more about our Atlanta business financing services.

Business Equipment Leasing Oakland County, MI

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Business Equipment Leasing

Business Equipment LeasingLooking to equip your new business? Whether you need computers, desks, machinery, or a vehicle, you want to make cost effective purchasing decisions. Why not consider business equipment leasing instead of buying it?

Here is some information to help you decide if leasing is right for you.

Benefits of Business Equipment Leasing

Aside from a reduced cash outlay, there are many benefits to leasing equipment:
•Leasing can save you the time and hassle involved in finding someone who will extend you credit for purchasing equipment.
•You can keep pace with emerging technology.
•Short-term leases give you the opportunity to evaluate whether the equipment fits your needs.
•Maintenance may be included in the lease, saving you additional costs.
•If you use the leased asset in your business, you may enjoy a potential tax advantage because your lease or rental payments are fully deductible.

Leasing also has its disadvantages. For example, the lifetime cost of the asset is generally going to be higher than if you purchased it. You are also giving up any ownership interest, which can be especially costly if you rely on the equipment and find at the end of the lease that the equipment is too expensive to purchase outright. You may also find that you lose the tax benefits of depreciation deductions. source:

If you would like low monthly payments for leasing business equipment in Oakland County, Michigan please call Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 today for more information. You may also click here to learn more about our business equipment financing programs. Our dedicated business equipment financing team is ready to help with any business equipment leasing questions that you may have.

Construction Equipment Financing Oakland County, MI

If you are in need of construction equipment financing in Oakland County, Michigan please contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 today for more information.

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Three Advantages of Construction Equipment Financing Over Purchasing Equipment

Construction Equipment Financing Oakland CountyToday, many construction businesses are leasing their construction equipment rather than purchasing it on their own. The following advantages leasing equipment has over purchasing makes it an important option to consider, especially in industries where having up-to-date equipment can make or break business success.

Lower payments

Purchasing construction equipment with cash upfront could leave a big hole in your budget. Your business could be left scrounging for weeks to make up for the payment.

Alternatively, leasing equipment allows companies to set a payment plan that works with their budget. Because many leasing companies offer 100 percent financing with no down payments, working capital can be preserved and monthly budgets stay consistent. You can hang onto your monthly profits and use them to reinvest into your business.

Also, by anticipating exactly how much they’ll be paying each month – even with the addition of new equipment – lessees have the benefit of cash forecasting. Budgets can be accurately assessed without fear of unknown costs in the future. Forget about the rainy day fund; upgrades, repairs, and future equipment acquisitions can easily be worked into your budget.

Less risk

Items depreciate. Whether its medical equipment, computers, construction tools, printing gear other equipment your business utilizes, technology becomes outdated fast. Some products might be beefed up with enhanced features, while others are outright replaced by newer technologies. A cash purchase runs your company the risk of owning dated or obsolete technology. You’ll face the question of selling for a loss or bearing with the outdated products, which places many a small business owner between a rock and a hard place.

With the option of equipment leasing, a small business can avoid that question altogether. Short-term leasing means you can upgrade quickly, keeping you current with the latest in the industry.

More options

Using limited funds for a cash purchase could send you shopping in the bargain section. It might mean only half-furnishing your restaurant’s kitchen, or partially equipping your construction team. Limited investing could debilitate your company’s progress, causing you to lose out to your competition.

Equipment financing keeps many doors open. A wide array of new and used products are suddenly within reach. With leasing, investing fully in your business is much more affordable, bringing your productivity to its full potential. source:

Please call Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 if you would like more information about our construction equipment financing in Oakland County, MI. Click here to learn more about our construction equipment financing programs. 

Michigan Gym Equipment Leasing

For Michigan Gym Equipment Leasing, please contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 for free information. If you would like a fast & free quote please fill out the Michigan Gym Equipment Leasing form below.

Michigan Gym Equipment Leasing – Liberty Business Financing

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3 Reasons You Should Lease Your Gym Equipment

Michigan Gym Equipment LeasingOpening a gym? Chances are you’ve got a location picked out and have thought about who your gym’s target audience is.

But have you put some thought into the equipment you’re going to offer in your gym? Should you buy it outright, or would it be better to take advantage of Michigan Gym Equipment Leasing? Consider these three main reasons why leasing fitness equipment may be a great idea for your facility.

1. Focus less on cost, more on value of products

When you lease gym equipment, you don’t have to worry about paying the entire cost of the equipment upfront. Financers will take your unique financial needs into consideration, developing a payment solution that is flexible and works for you and your gym’s cash flow.

So, instead of worrying about how you’re going to pay for gym’s equipment, you’ll get some room to breathe. Financial concerns aside, you’ll have time to focus on your gym’s equipment and the distinct value that it brings to your facility. This’ll enhance your members’ experiences, as you actively teach them how they can use your facility to reach their health and fitness goals.

2. Offer your members the latest and greatest equipment

Outright paying for your gym’s fitness equipment means that you’re going to have the same equipment for a long time. In the world of ever-changing technology and exerciser interests, that equipment can become obsolete in a matter of a few years.

Rather than being stuck with the same equipment because you bought it directly, leasing fitness equipment gives you the opportunity to upgrade or replace it as new technology emerges. This will give you a competitive edge over other gyms, keeping your members content with the up-to-date, fancy offerings of your facility. Having new equipment also means that maintenance costs and equipment down-time will be low, making both gym members and staff even happier.

3. Save money through tax deductions

What’s better than saving some extra money that you could further use to invest in your gym?

Generally, your monthly lease payments can be deducted on your tax return as an operating expense. These financial savings drive down the overall cost of your lease. Also, although not always the case, some financing options allow for a business to take advantage of certain tax benefits that relate to equipment, such as Mid-quarter Convention, Section 179* and 50% depreciation. source:

You may also click here or call (586) 484-7887 learn more about Liberty Business Financing, a Michigan Gym Equipment Leasing specialist.

Construction Equipment Leasing Oakland County MI

For Oakland County MI Construction Equipment Leasing, please call Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7886 or fill out the form below for a fast & free quote.

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Guide to Oakland County MI Construction Equipment Leasing Options

Oakland County MI Construction Equipment LeasingBusiness owners, project managers and general contractors in the construction industry know that heavy equipment can be quite costly. The benefits and potential financial risks of acquiring new or used equipment should be clearly determined before any decisions are made. And just like any large capital investment, every detail of the transaction must be accounted for and double-checked. When a construction business needs to acquire new or used equipment, everyone involved needs to know what the best options are. That’s because heavy equipment tends to depreciate the more it is used and the older it gets. To save money and preserve credit lines, many construction companies are opting to finance their heavy equipment instead of making a cash purchase or taking out a business loan. Here is a closer look at several types of leases contractors should consider taking advantage of when it comes to Oakland County MI construction equipment financing.

Fair Market Value Lease

One of the most commonly selected equipment leases for businesses is the fair market value (FMV) lease. This type of lease provides several options for business owners at the conclusion of the agreement, such as returning the equipment, renewing the lease or purchasing the equipment for its current fair market value. Construction businesses that choose this type of lease do so when acquiring equipment that tends to quickly depreciate in value. For example, a piece of heavy equipment that is used on a continual basis will help you finish jobs in a timely manner, but its repeated use will result in rapid depreciation and, in some cases, the need for costly repairs. With an FMV lease program, construction businesses can upgrade to a new piece of heavy equipment in an easy and cost effective manner.

Dollar Buyout Lease

Selecting a dollar buyout lease allows lessees the option to purchase the leased equipment for one dollar at the end of the lease’s conclusion. This is a popular choice for lessees who are planning to retain the leased equipment at the conclusion of the agreement. General contractors who plan on keeping heavy equipment for long periods of time (after their lease ends) often choose the dollar buyout lease. Smaller lease payments, compared to making one large purchase, free up working capital and allow construction companies to allocate funds for other important business initiatives.

Wrap Lease

A wrap lease is a common choice for current lessees who wish to lease new equipment. Lessees can consolidate their remaining payments and roll them over to a new lease with additional equipment. Construction business owners often need to acquire new equipment, and this lease option provides an opportunity to simplify the process. For example, if a construction company has an immediate need for a new skid steer, it can be financed with an existing lease to consolidate multiple payments into one regular payment. This is a great option because larger and more robust construction equipment is sometimes needed for highly specialized or involved projects. Additionally, unexpected equipment malfunctions with existing equipment can sometimes occur. source:

If you are in need of Oakland County MI Construction Equipment Leasing, please contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7886 for a free consultation. You may also click here to learn more about our Construction Equipment lease programs.

Business Startup Loans Las Vegas

For Las Vegas business startup loans, call Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 for more information. You can also click here to learn more about our loan services.

Business Startup Loans Las VegasBusiness Startup Loans Las Vegas – Advantages

It doesn’t take a finance degree to know that the current economy is tough. Unemployment rates are still at an all-time high, and many companies have gone bankrupt, while others are barely hanging on by a thread. In fact, in today’s ever-changing and fluxing economic climate, business loans are about the only option small business owners have for obtaining cash to further their companies. With an efficient business loan, almost any enterprise can see immediate growth as long as they use the additional capital wisely.

Reasons for a Business Startup Loans

Business loans are taken out for several reasons. A company may want to secure financing to maintain business operations, invest in equipment, start a new branch, or any number of other motivations. Not only are these loans beneficial for burgeoning businesses, but they are normally easy to obtain as there are a multitude of lenders who willing to partner with business owners with a credit score of 720 or higher, a stable income, and a decent business plan. However the biggest advantage of taking out a business loan during tough economic times is that companies can use it to increase their working capital. While companies that are looking to expand often already have enough money to become larger, taking out a loan allows them to maintain their operating cash flow, making it easier for them to cover any unexpected expenses. Thus, they are able to make payments on their loan by using the new income gained from expanding their business.


Another benefit of getting a business loan is that, if the loan is lent to a corporate entity, the loan will not usually have to be repaid by the business owner if the company fails. In the event of failure, the business is liquidated, which helps pay back part (sometimes all) of the funds borrowed. Many business owners keep this advantageous aspect in mind when borrowing money because it is only the corporation that will go bankrupt in the event of loan default, not the owner personally.

What is particularly advantageous about seeking a business loan in the current climate is that interest rates are unbelievably low right now. As the liquidity of banks increases in the wake of the recession’s brunt, banks are increasing the rate at which they lend and interest rates will soon rise to compensate. A large loan taken out now or in the near future will have much lower overhead than will one taken out in two year’s time, making this the opportune time to plan expansion.

Ultimately, all business owners should evaluate their wants and needs before contacting a lender. This allows the business owner to see which type of lender is the best fit for their company. Similarly, it is crucial that business owners take the time to read the all of the terms and conditions accompanying any business loan they are considering. There are often early repayment penalties associated with a loan and it is important to obtain a business loan that does not incorporate these penalties, as prepaying a loan in full can save a business a large amount of money in interest. source:

If you are looking for Las Vegas business startup loans, contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 for further information.

Macomb County Personal Loan

If you are in need of a Macomb County personal loan, please contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 today for more information. You may also click here to learn more about our company.

When is a Macomb County Personal Loan Better than a Credit Card?

Personal Loan Macomb CountyWe’ve all been there. We need to buy something but we don’t have the cash. And while your immediate reaction may be to charge it on your credit card, another option to consider is the more traditional, but often overlooked, personal loan.

Advantages of a personal loan

1. Fixed interest rates create stability. A personal loan gives you a lump sum of money up front, allowing you to pay it back over a fixed term – typically a period of one to five years. Loan rates are negotiable, which is a major advantage of choosing personal loans over a credit card. Another advantage of a personal loan is that when the loan agreement is signed, the interest rate is fixed for the entire repayment period. This means that your interest rate cannot fluctuate and your payments will always remain fixed.

2. Fixed payments are easy to budget. Having fixed payments on personal loans make sticking to a monthly budget a breeze. If you live on a fixed income, personal loans may be a better option for you because the payments remain the same each and every month. With personal loans, you don’t have to worry whether or not you’ll have enough money to make the minimum monthly payment like you would with a credit card, for example. Unlike credit cards, monthly payments on a personal loan don’t change.

3. The interest rate is lower than a credit card. Who wants to pay 19% on a credit card? Not me. A personal loan is a great financing option if you need a lump sum of money right away and you can afford to make payments to repay the loan over time. The interest rates on personal loans are substantially lower than the interest rates on credit cards. Interest rates on personal loans are also negotiable with your bank, whereas interest rates on credit cards are not. Bottom line? If it’s going to take you a few years to pay off the debt, go with a personal loan and you’ll save in interest. source:

If you are in need of a Macomb County personal loan, contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 to schedule a free consultation.

SBA Loans Macomb County MI

To start the SBA Loan process, you should contact Liberty Business Financing, the Macomb County SBA Loan experts at (586) 484-7887 today! Click here to learn more about our SBA Loan programs.

SBA Loan Information

SBA Loan Macomb CountyIf you’re planning to start a business or expand an existing business, you might need financing help. SBA participates in a number of loan programs designed for business owners who may have trouble qualifying for a traditional bank loan.

SBA loan applications are structured to meet SBA requirements, so that the loan is eligible for an SBA guarantee. This guarantee represents the portion of the loan that SBA will repay to the lender if you default on your loan payments.

The SBA Loan Application Checklist provides a listing of forms and documents you and your lender will need to create a loan package to submit to SBA.

Starting and Expanding Businesses

  • Basic 7(a) Loan Program

    Gives 7(a) loans to eligible borrowers for starting, acquiring and expanding a small business. This type of loan is the most basic and the most used within SBA’s business loan programs. Borrowers must apply through a participating lender institution.

  • Certified Development Company (CDC) 504 Loan Program

    Provides growing businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing for major fixed assets, such as land and buildings.

  • Microloan Program

    Offers very small loans to start-up, newly established or growing small business concerns. SBA makes funds available to nonprofit community based lenders which, in turn, make loans to eligible borrowers in amounts up to a maximum of $50,000. Applications are submitted to the local intermediary and all credit decisions are made on the local level.

Disaster Loans

  • Disaster Assistance Loans

    Provide financial assistance to victims of disasters or to individuals in a declared disaster area. You may be eligible for this type of loan even if you don’t own a business.

  • Economic Injury Loans

    Assist small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives and nonprofit organizations as they recover from economic losses resulting from physical disaster or an agricultural production disaster.

Export Assistance Loans

  • Export Express

    Provide exporters and lenders with a streamlined method of obtaining financing for loans and lines of credit up to $500,000. Lenders use their own credit decision process and loan documentation; exporters get access to their funds faster. SBA provides an expedited eligibility review with a response in less than 24 hours.

  • Export Working Capital

    Offers loans targeted at businesses that are able to generate export sales but need additional working capital to support these opportunities.

  • International Trade Loans

    Gives term loans that are designed for businesses that plan to start/continue exporting or those that that have been adversely affected by competition from imports. The proceeds of the loan must enable the borrower to be in a better position to compete.

Veteran and Military Community Loans

  • Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan

    Offers funds to eligible small businesses to meet ordinary and necessary operating expenses that could have been met, but are unable to meet, because an essential employee was “called-up” to active duty in their role as a military reservist.

Special Purpose Loans

  • CAPLines

    Help small businesses meet their short-term and cyclical working-capital needs through the SBA umbrella program called CAPLines.

  • Pollution Control Loans

    Provides financing to eligible small businesses for the planning, design or installation of a pollution control facility.

  • U.S. Community Adjustment And Investment Program (CAIP)

    CAIP is a program established to assist U.S. companies that are doing business in areas of the country that have been negatively affected by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). To be eligible, a business must reside in a county noted as being negatively affected by NAFTA, based on job losses and the unemployment rate of the county. source:

    If you are in need of an SBA Loan in Macomb County MI please contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 for more information.

Church Financing Macomb County

If you are in need of Macomb County Church Financing, please contact Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 for more information. You can also click here to learn more about our programs.

Guide to Church Financing

Church Financing Macomb County MIThere are a variety of choices in church construction financing available to your congregation

Whether you are building or purchasing, there are several types of church financing available. Educate yourself on the choices to make the best decision and get the most for your money. Church construction financing is stressful for all members of the congregation, and those responsible for making the decisions need to educate themselves on all options.

Financing for churches is available through any combination of construction loans, private or public bonds, and capital stewardship campaigns.

1. Construction loans–Church construction loans are available as fixed or adjustable rate, interest only through construction and other options just like in home construction. Loans are available through direct church lenders and your local bank.

2. Bonds–Church bond financing is either through public bonds, which often have a lower interest rate but higher upfront cost than loans, or private bonds, which are bonds sold within the congregation.

3. Stewardship capital campaign–A stewardship capital campaign raises money for the church, reducing the amount borrowed. Once the building program is complete, many churches implement a stewardship capital campaign to more quickly pay off the loan.

Determine how much of monthly income can go to church financing
A rule of thumb in church financing is to pay no more than 35% of the church’s monthly income in total debt payments. This includes existing debt in addition to church building financing.

Establish a budget for church building financing
Developing plans before you have a clear idea of how much money your church has available is a quick way to go over budget. Work with an experienced architect and be frank about your budget and priorities. source:

If you are searching for Macomb County Church Financing services, please call Liberty Business Financing at (586) 484-7887 for assistance.